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Are you searching for the best poker and rummy content?

Academy52 is where Poker and Rummy happen in India. Get the latest updates on what’s fresh in the poker and rummy scene, and a lot more. We get you your daily dose of the latest poker news updates, tournament schedules and results, rummy updates, top player moments, platform reviews, best rummy and poker blogs, top online gaming sites, top offers, and so much more, all under one roof!

Also, get ready to upskill in rummy and poker with Academy52’s Poker and Rummy Academy. Get high-quality and educational poker and rummy articles, categorized by skill level to help you get better. Want to start playing? Want to get better? Want to become an expert? We have detailed pieces for everyone.

Apart from the best poker and rummy blogs, news, and tutorials, you can find platform reviews, the top gaming sites, and the best bonuses and offers. We curate specific lists to help you have a safe and enjoyable gaming experience. Do check out all the bonus links and codes before you hop on a platform, and you can get yourself some deserving rewards

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