Canadian Pro Streamer Vanessa Kade Wins Sunday Millions Anniversary Party for $1.4 Million

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Canada’s Vanessa ‘Niffler’ KAde faded a field of 69,876 runners to PokerStars Sunday Million 15th Anniversary Event with $12.5 Million in guaranteed prizes and $1.5 Million set aside to the first place.

PokerStars created the Sunday Million 15 years ago and it has become a main staple of every Sunday grind since then. It is amazing to know that there is always one constant throughout the years because on Sunday, there is always Sunday Million on PokerStars which was played even though holidays, natural disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic.

After the first day of action, only 12,750 or so players were left in the hunt for the seven-figure booty but they still had a late-registration open for anyone willing to fire another bullet.

By the end of the second day, only 65 players remained including Vanessa Kade. Romania’s ‘Transylvania’ bagged the lead with 66M chips.

On Day 3, the action was fast and by the time the final 9 reached the final table, Holland’s Ikkedus led with the big stack and Kade found herself seventh overall. She had a lot of work to do if she wanted to win it all. The final table also included Taalibenes, PanchoVetin, Transylvanian, peu3ep, malinga, kefirchik106 and Vvlankov.

Without a deal in place, the top two won exactly what PokerStars intended. Canada and Poland slugged it out for the title and $1.5 Million in cash.

On the final hand, pocket eights held up for Kade against Pawel ‘Talibenes’ Ladniak’s King-Nine. Talibenes flopped a gutshot, turned a Broadway gutter draw, but whiffed on the river. Kade’s pocket eights helped up and Tailbenes busted in second place. Tailbenes won $1,035,358 for first place.

When the dust settled, Kade banked $1,514920 for first place. She shipped her first Sunday Million and achieved this feat live on her Twitch stream for all her followers to see.


  • Buy-ins: $215
  • Entrants: 69,876
  • Prize Pool: $13,975,200
  • Payouts: 9,971

Final Table Results

  1. Vanessa ‘Niffller’ Kade (Canada) $1,514,920
  2. Pawel ‘Talibenes’ Ladniak (Poland) $1,035,358
  3. PanchoVetin (Bulgaria) $707,639
  4. Transylvanian (Romania) $483,652
  5. peu3ep (Russia) $330,563
  6. malinga (Norway) $225,930
  7. Ikkedus (Netherlands) $154,416
  8. kefirchik106 (Russia) $105,537
  9. Vvlankov (Russia) $72,131

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