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A game of poker starts with two cards being dealt to each player. Once the dealer has dealt these cards, the number of hands you can make is now limited by the board. You have two cards of any two suits, you need at least three of either of the suits to make a flush. 

Let’s assume the final board is :

Flop: Queen of Hearts, Seven of Spades, and Four of Clubs

Turn: King of Hearts

River: Nine of Diamonds

No one can have a flush in this scenario since there are only two cards of the same suit, i.e., Hearts. Others are all of the different suits. To make a flush, the board would need to have at least cards of the same suit and you needed four suited cards of the same suit, so a flush is impossible on this table.

Since there is no pair on the board, no one can possibly make a Four Of A Kind or a Full House. The top four hand types- Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House and Flush are all not possible on this board. The best hand possible here is a Straight

Looking at the cards on the board, one straight hand is possible. If you have a Jack Ten, you can make a King High straight on this board. Moreover, if you have Jack-Ten both of Spades, or a Jack of Clubs and a Ten of Diamonds, your hand is unbeatable.

What is a NUT?

Any hand in poker, that is your best possible hand on the table, is a NUT. 

Follow these steps to identify a NUT.

  1. Check if there are three cards of the same suit within five consecutive numbers. This would help you identify a possible Straight Flush in the nuts, the second-best hand. (The first rank is the royal flush where you will need all the face cards, rare possibility)
  2. Look for a pair on the board, this would put a four of a kind in the Nuts. There is a possible Full House. Three of a Kind and Full House also allow for a Four of a Kind.
  3. If there are three cards of the same suit on the board, a Flush is in the NUTS.
  4. If there are three cards within 5 consecutive numbers a Straight in is the Nuts. It is common for no Straight to be possible on an unpaired board.
  5. Three of a kind of the Highest Board Card is the lowest possible Nut. For example, a board with Queen of Clubs, Jack of Hearts, Five of Hearts, and a Two of Clubs would make a three of a kind in the nuts, with a high card, Jack. Although it is the lowest possible hand.

Sometimes the card in your hands will eliminate the possibility of a better hand, promoting your hand to the nuts.

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