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Every poker player is not the same. In the previous chapter, we learned how to identify the nuts. And so, it is only apt that we learn the different kinds of poker players that can be found on a table.

The poker players range from loose to tight and from passive to aggressive. There are various combinations of these player types and a few stereotypical player types have been defined by the poker community. These can be broadly categorized as Good and Bad player types. 

It is not necessary for a person to be just one type of player. Most of advanced players adjust their game styles according to the type of table they are on. It is very important to do this and to also know what type of player your opponent is to judge the type of game you should be playing. Here are some detailed insights into these types of players:

The Good Players:

The good players are the players who play aggressively. Poker is all about gambling and you aren’t really playing unless you are betting.


The Nits type of players are usually very tight players and play only super strong hands. They do not like taking a lot of risks and play the most premium hands preflop. Nits are usually semi-aggressive. Even in the post-flop, they involve only in big pots with really good hands. The hands they play range from Ace pairs to Eight pairs, and Ace-King, Ace-Queen, Ace-Jack, suited/off suited.

Even though it is good to stay safe and not take risks as a beginner, there a few reasons why Nits can be classified as bad player types by a lot of experts. They are easily bullied into folding. A Nit is probably the easiest to bluff because they quickly fold under pressure.

They never get information. All the Nit looks for is Monster Hands. They do not try to bluff ever. They do not analyze or try to get information on the other players’ hands or game styles.


TAG is short for a Tight Aggressive poker player. These players also play a tight range, but not like the Nits. Moreover, they are aggressive with their play. These players will raise and re-raise pre-flop against weaker opponents, bullying them into folding their cards.

Where Nits avoid bluffing, TAGs are more inclined to bluff at the right places. They are willing to take risks and are the best kind of players. Most of the poker coaches motivate their students to play this style of poker. 


Short for Loose Aggressive player, a LAG is someone who bluffs more often, plays a wider range and bullies around people at the table. These are one of the toughest players to play against because they play aggressively on a much wider range.

They know exactly when to bluff and they can put a lot of pressure on their opponents. Since they play a loose range, they can be unpredictable. It is comparatively harder to analyze whether they are value-betting or just bluffing.

The Bad Players

Loose Passive

This is a fairly broader category and includes pure limpers as well as the fit or fold types. They play a very loose range and are not very aggressive. They chose to call over bet. If such a player plays aggressive post-flop, it is because they have really strong cards. The loose-passive style players are less likely to bluff. they stay on the safer side, not putting too much money in the pot. 

Tight Passive

These players are very similar to the Nits because they don’t like taking risks. They are super passive and call with very tight ranges. They are known to open limp even with really good cards. You can bully such players to fold very easily. But be aware once they become aggressive, it is because they have premium hands.

Very Aggressive

Also called Maniacs, these are the worst player types. As opposed to the LAGs, these maniacs pertain to extreme uncontrolled aggression. LAGs play controlled aggressive games, whereas these players are aggressive with a very wide range of hands. They bet and bet, so they are very easy to steal from. 

The only way these maniacs win is by getting lucky, which can put a lot of good players on tilt.

Theirs is the easiest money you will get. If you see someone betting relentlessly, playing with a huge stack size, with multiple buy-ins, they are a maniac. 

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