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Poker Etiquette You Should Follow
Poker Etiquette You Should Follow

Poker, like any other sport, has a few unwritten rules of poker etiquette that one should follow. It is a social game, and it doesn’t matter that you are on a poker table or behind a screen, one should follow certain etiquettes. These etiquettes of unwritten rules in poker make the game more pleasant for all parties involved and help in the smooth running of the game. For the players who are not familiar with the dos and don’ts of poker, Academy52 brings you the set of poker etiquette you should follow.

While live poker etiquette is considered essential and even enforced upon in many places, many people forget to follow certain unwritten poker rules when it comes to playing.

Poker Etiquette To Follow

#1 Using The Chat Box Only When Required

This is an online poker etiquette that one should note. The chat feature in many poker platforms is provided so that users can have light discussions and fun while playing. A simple poker etiquette to follow concerning the chat box is not to abuse the feature. Online poker players often forget that their opponents are real people too, and not just some computer bots.

You should only use the chat feature for greetings and joyful and friendly banter. Abusing the other players and raging over hands is terrible poker etiquette, and may get you banned. 

#2 Don’t Waste The Time Of Others

This is both an online and live poker etiquette that people need to follow. Most poker games are fast-paced, and unless the situation requires you think and analyse your move, make a move fast. Taking a few seconds to decide a simple move is considered good poker etiquette while wasting time just to make the most obvious move is a big no in poker. Many people also tend to show that they are thinking hard every time they have to fold, just so that they look smarter to other players. It is an annoying habit, and you shouldn’t do that. 

#3 Once You Fold, Don’t Tell About Your Cards

Another poker etiquette you should follow is not discussing your cards unless the hand is completed. Influencing the play before the hand ends by telling the opponents your card is not acceptable behaviour. Only after the hand is completed should you talk about your hand or your bets. Talking about your cards before the hand is completed is considered unfair for the players that are still involved.

#4 Keep a steady internet connection

When you are playing online poker, having a good internet connection not only enhances your game experience but also considered good etiquette. It is really depressing when you have to concede a hand just because you were disconnected. However, it is even more frustrating for your opponents when they have to continually wait for you to reconnect. Most poker platforms have a set time-limit per bet for each player, and if you do not have a stable connection, players have to wait for the whole stipulated time so that they can skip your bet and play the game.

#5 Call Your Move When It Is Your Turn

You should call your move only when it is your turn. If a player or players have their turn before you, and you still announce your move, it is called bad poker etiquette. Moreover, when you advertise your next move, you give players before you unfair advantage as they can change their thought process accordingly. This is considered a rude move among poker players, and may even get you banned from some poker rooms.

#7 Don’t Talk If You Are Not Playing

This is probably the most recommended poker etiquette that a player should follow. A poor display of poker sportsmanship is to talk when you are not in the hand. This not only distracts other players, but you might end up revealing some critical information as well. If multiple players at the table are not playing the hand, then you should not indulge in chit-chat with them as well. This is an example of poor poker etiquette as it shows you are not serious about the game. Keep your thoughts and suggestions to yourself, or discuss it after the hand is over for everyone.

#8 Respect The Dealer

It doesn’t matter if you are playing among friends or in a poker room, respecting the dealer is a good poker etiquette. Dealers are paid professionals who make the game more pleasant and smooth for all the players. There might be some mistakes from time to time, but one should not disrespect the dealer at any time. If you notice that the dealer has made a mistake, politely inform them at the earliest so they fix it. Do not, and we repeat, do not shout at the dealer for making a small error. Many poker rooms have strict rules in place about treating their staff, which includes the dealers, the floor managers and even the wait staff. Showing poor poker etiquette and disrespecting the dealer may get you banned from the poker room.

Poker Etiquette Overview

While online poker has really eliminated the need for most of the live poker etiquette required while playing, following good poker etiquette is a sign of a good player. It is crucial to understand the importance of a good poker experience, both for yourself and other players. Always remember, no matter how it is played, poker is meant to be a fun game for players. And one should always try to make it fun for everyone.

Which other poker etiquettes should people follow? Let us know in the comments.

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