5 Best Texas Holdem Tips For Beginners

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5 Holdem Tips For Beginners

For every poker beginner, there are hundreds of online articles with the best Texas Holdem tips and tricks. But to learn poker strategies and master them over time, one should understand a few things before they even start playing. While the game involves considerable skill and sometimes a bit of luck, there are a few things that can take you from a beginner to an expert player. We are here to give you some tips that will not only make you a better player but will also help you understand the game even better.

Therefore, Academy52 Poker Academy brings you the top 5 Holdem Tips for Beginners that will help you get started.

Texas Holdem Tips and Tricks

#1 Understand The Basics Before You Join

One of the top Holdem tips is understanding the basics of the game before you start playing. Before you join a poker platform or move to a poker table offline, you should know the rules of the game. Most importantly, you should know the hand rankings, which are crucial in winning the game. Therefore, start playing poker only after you know what cards hold the greatest value, what are card rankings, betting rules of Texas Holdem and more. This is one of the essential tips for Texas Holdem which every expert will tell to you to follow.

#2 Know When To Fold

Once you start playing, you will often get both good hands and bad hands. Do you know what the difference between an average player and an expert player is? They can fold a hand when they know it will not be in their best interest to play more. This is one of the most prominent Texas Holdem tips for beginners, and many new players fail while folding. It sounds simple, but it takes quite a bit of experience to figure out when to fold. Calling too often can really lower your ability to judge a hand and put a limit to your bankroll before it even takes off.

#3 Build A Bluff, Not Just Do One

Efficient bluffing is one of the most sought after Holdem tips and rightly so. If you want to excel at poker and become an expert, you should master the art of bluffing. The motive of a bluff is to manipulate your opponent into folding their cards with the idea that you have a strong pair of cards. However, beginner poker players either bluff a lot or don’t bluff at all.

While bluffing, you need to carefully build a bluff over your bets and even employ semi-bluffs, where you can bet on somewhat mediocre cards which have the potential to be good on the turn or the river. When you are just starting with poker, going above and beyond with a bluff when you have a good for nothing hand is a big no.

#4 Bet With Confidence, Not Over-Confidence

Imagine you have a solid pair of cards, and the flop cards make them even stronger. Now you have to bet, and since you have a strong hand, you bet a considerable amount. This is where things can take a different direction. Your opponents can either match or raise your bet, if they have good cards, or they will be intimidated by your stake and simply fold. In the second scenario, you do not win much, even though you had a great hand.

To avoid this situation, you must bet slowly and steadily to build the pot without intimidating your opponents. This is one of the most crucial Texas Holdem tips for beginners as they tend to bet huge or even go all-in as soon as they get a strong hand.

#5 Play When You Feel Like It

Poker, like any other sport, is a game that should only be played when you feel like it. This Holdem poker tip will do you really well if you genuinely follow it. When you play poker just because you have to play, you put yourself in a lazy and uninspiring position that will ensure that you don’t play at your maximum potential. Poker should only be played when you feel like it. Be it freeroll tournaments, cash games, or even major tournaments; one should only play when they are up for it.


If you are just starting with poker, we hope these Holdem Tips and Tricks for beginners help you get better. There are many other tips and tricks that you will find online, but these are some of the most important poker tips that you should keep in mind.

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