Starting With Texas Hold’em Poker? Here Are 3 Things To Know!

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Starting With Texas Hold'em Poker? Here Are 3 Things To Know!

What Is Texas Hold’em Poker?

Texas Hold’em poker variant is the most popular variation of the poker game in the world. Every day, millions of poker players play Texas Hold’em, either offline or through online poker platforms. If you are getting started with this poker variant, we bring you three essential things to know. These are the basic gameplay rules, and once you understand them, you can move on to the strategies. So, read on to know the three most important things about Texas Hold’em poker gameplay.

Starting With Texas Hold’em Poker

A general game of Texas Hold’em poker is played between 2-7 players. Before the dealing and betting round begins, two players need to put a mandatory bet on the table to start the game. These bets are called the ‘blinds’, and every other player can fold without putting in money on the table. With each hand, the blind position moved one spot to ensure every player has made a blind bet throughout the game. 

The player on the left of the dealer is called the small blind, and the player next to the small blind is known as the big blind. If the minimum bet on the table is $10, then the big blind will put in $10, while the small blind will put in $5 to start the game. At the end of every hand, the big and small blinds shift one player to the left.

Dealing Cards in Texas Hold’em Poker

When the blinds are settled, the dealer deals cards to every player. Each player gets two cards faced down, which are known as hole cards. These are the opening cards and are exclusive to each player. You should keep the hole cards faced-down after taking a glimpse at them to avoid other players seeing them.

Starting With Texas Hold'em Poker? Here Are 3 Things To Know!

Once the first betting round ends, the flop cards are dealt with three community cards dealt face-up in the middle of the table. Before dealing the flop face up in a row, the top card will be turned the first face down on the table, making it the ‘burn card.’ These are the initial three of five cards that the majority of the players will have the capacity to join with their hole cards to make an ideal five-card poker hand. 

Next up is the Fourth Street (fourth community card). Like the flop, the top card is burned. However, this time only one card is turned face-up.

The final community card is called the river or Fifth Street. This will be the same procedure as that of the Turn. It is the fifth and final card to go onto the board once a card has been burned.

Betting And Showdown in Texas Hold’em Poker

Betting Rounds

After the blinds are put in, the players receive the hole cards. The first round of betting starts after all players accept their private cards. The first player to bet can either:

  1. Call: Matching the minimum bet amount of the big blind by calling;
  2. Fold: Put down his/her cards and forfeit the chance to play further in the hand;
  3. Raise: Make an additional bet over the big blind’s bet amount.

The bet goes around the table, and each player needs to do one of the actions mentioned above. Once the bet reaches the small blind, they are required to put in the other half of their blind ($5 in the above scenario), and the big blind can Check to keep his bet at $10 or raise with some more amount.

In a raise situation, when one individual raises, every other person has to match that raise, re-raise or fold to proceed with the hand. Keep in mind, when a player places chips into the pot, he can’t get them back regardless of whether he folds later that round. 

After the flop card is dealt, the first individual to act is the small blind. They have three choices: check, bet or fold. A check implies that while they wish to remain in hand, they wouldn’t like to make a wager. The check can go all around if no one wants to bet. If any player wishes to bet, they have to bet the minimum amount if this is a limit game or any amount if it is a No-Limit Texas Hold’em Poker game. The same scenario applies to the turn and river card. 


Once the river card is dealt, this is the last chance for players to check, bet or fold. If all but one player has folded in the hand at any point in time, then the last remaining player automatically wins. However, if all betting rounds conclude and there are more than one players still in the game, it comes to the showdown. In the showdown scenario, the players keep their hole cards face-up on the table, and the player with the best five-card combination wins. You should know that not all hands go to the river, and one can win without a showdown if all the other players fold.

Final Thoughts

Understanding Texas Hold’em poker is one thing, but playing it is a different ball game altogether. We hope these three essential things about the gameplay of Texas Hold’em can surely help you get started. So hop on a poker table or an online server, and chip it out!

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