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The Evolution Of Poker Over The Years

The origin and evolution of poker have been a heavily debated topic for a long time. There is constant argumentation as to how the game originated and who invented it. There are several poker variations available today, but the most widely accepted and played variant is the Texas Hold’em. Let us take you on a journey of how the evolution of poker has changed how we look at it.

The Origin And Evolution of Poker

It is believed that poker originated in the 16th Century in Persia based on a game called As Nas. This game was taught to the French in New Orleans by the Persian sailors. Nas is said to be on similar lines as five-card stud poker which consists of 25 cards and five suits.

But lately, it has been the history of poker is said to have originated based on the French game Poque. There are also games like primero, brelan, and the English game brag which all use similar bluffing techniques.

Development in Poker

After the game was well accepted in the West, poker players started playing with 52 cards instead of 20. Between the years 1861 and 1865, games like stud poker, the straight, wild card, lowball, and split-pot poker. The 19th-century poker hips were way different from what we see today. The final development in the poker evolution happened in the early 20th Century when Texas Hold ’em was introduced.

Texas Hold ‘Em is now the most widely played variant of poker. In the earlier days had been described as the ‘thinking man’s game’ since it allows the player to play strategically.

Poker in the 21st Century

In the early days, the game had been played by outlaws, and this didn’t help poker’s reputation. But decades later, this game is now a sport. The internet has played a role in making poker a sophisticated game and help players connect with people from all corners of the world. While online poker was witnessing a steady rise, the Coronavirus pandemic has given it a serious boost with millions of people joining online poker platforms to play both free and paid games.

Each poker platform is offering heaps of prize money every day, and the esteemed poker tournament World Series Poker has been deemed the 9th most vibrant event globally. Online poker has also been appreciated by players due to its convenience and ease of use, where players can play at their leisure. While major online tournaments may not be accessible every day, poker platforms offer cash games and Sit and Go tournaments for players who like to take it easy. 

The Future Evolution of Poker

Poker has grown immensely through online and offline platforms over the past few decades, and the pandemic has helped its popularity soar even more. Poker is an aggressive game, which requires skill and not just sheer luck. If you are just starting out with poker, many resources online help in understanding the game, the rules, and the strategies to take over opponents. The evolution of poker comes with this ease of access to improving a player’s game and has only made it harder to win. And so it is rightfully said that poker is not for the weak-hearted.

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