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Here Are The Top Reasons To Play Poker

The game of poker can be both fun and frustrating at the same time. Players often feel fatigued yet excited to play another hand just because it promises the thrill. You can win a thousand hands, but that one hand that you lose in a bad beat will keep you awake. Yet, millions of players log on to their devices or head to a poker table to chip it out against players from all over the world. If you are still thinking about joining the poker train, here are the top ten reasons you should definitely play poker.

10 Reasons To Play Poker

1. You Learn To Be Patient

When playing a poker game, you play only a few hands, depending upon how good they are. Developing a poker mindset helps also develop patience. Impatience at a table will lead to you making mistakes that will cost money, while patience helps capitalise on big hands when the opportunity arises. Thus, stay patient and wait for good hands to steal pots from your opponents. 

2. You Learn Discipline

It is a hard decision to fold very strong hands in a game. That is why you need the discipline to fold a top pair when faced with a re-re-raise from a tight-aggressive player. Many times players lose all their money because they find it hard to fold. You have to be disciplined to get away from a hand when you know you can’t beat it.

3. Brings Out Your Creative Side

An essential ingredient to win at poker is to out-smart your opponents. You need to be tricky and creative. If you are none of those, you are predictable and vulnerable. This makes it easy for the opponents to steal your pot. You have to realise how the opponents play against you and develop a continually adjusting strategy to counter their every move. 

4. Augment Your Math Skills

Playing poker also involves doing math calculations on the fly. You should be able to calculate odds even without thinking about it consciously. Therefore, continuously playing poker can augment your math skills.

5. Carve Great Observational Skills

There is a lot that goes on in a single game. If you are not in hand, you need to observe those in the game. This helps identify some of the opponent’s tells, which is essential to make decisions at the table.

6. Grow Your Intuitions

It is important to be receptive to everything that goes around you. You should try to have eyes and ears almost everywhere. After playing with someone for long periods, you should be able to narrow their hands down to exact cards. Intuition develops through constant focus and concentration, which will help you improve your game. 

7. You Expect Deception And Be Ready For It

Poker is about concealing your cards while simultaneously trying to figure out the cards your opponents have. Players try to deceptive to not reveal the cards they have. Learning to read people is an essential skill in poker. Observing and playing against such opponents helps you notice patterns in deceptive behaviour that help at the poker table and in real life. 

8. You Start Respecting Money

Bankroll management is a must to be a successful poker player. It is easy to lose lots of pots at a table but hard to win by making the right moves. Strict bankroll management will help develop mental discipline and understand the monetary value of money. 

9. Start Thinking For Long-Term

Each session in poker is a new game. When you are in a game, you need to forget all the other hands played in the previous courses and focus on the current one. You should not get caught up in the results of the earlier sessions.  You need to make long term decisions that will help you earn profits.

10. You Learn To Be A Good Loser

Many players tend to get emotional and upset when they lose a pot. But this emotional state tends to control their minds in the games too, where they lose all the more. With active bankroll management, you must not let the loss affect you as much. You must learn to detach from your emotions when in the game and play every hand the best way possible regardless of the monetary outcome. 

Final Thoughts

Poker is a game that is built with skill, luck, and a lot of emotions. There are 100s of reasons to play poker, but we hope the 10 mentioned reasons are enough to help you start. Look out for more awesome articles on our website to learn more about poker.

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