Why Rummy Tutorials Should Be On Your 2021 List

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Why Rummy Tutorials Should Be On Your 2021 List

If you have started playing rummy just for fun,  learning the rules, or even searching ‘how to play rummy’ on Google, then we advise you not to jump into the cash game rummy right away. Even though you may be itching to play cash games and make a quick buck, the tables are filled with experts that will leave your bankroll empty before you know it.

Before you start playing rummy for real money, it is advisable that you go through some interesting rummy tutorials. Why do you ask? It is because the guidance to understand the game better is crucial before you bet your money on the game. In this article, we will tell why you should go for rummy tutorials before jumping into the game.

5 Reasons why Rummy tutorials should be on your 2021 list

1. Having A Good Foundation

Through rummy tutorials, you can have a well-defined idea of what the game entails. Beginner rummy players often take some time to understand the rules of the game, but in doing so forget to understand the basics. These tutorials help you with the regulations and help you have a solid foundation, making you a better player.

2. The Gameplay

There is an overabundance of rummy tutorials online, and through them, you can learn the various kinds of playing style or gameplay strategies one can use in the game. Through these tutorials and regular practice, you can master a gameplay style that suits your playing technique, helping you become an expert. But remember, it is crucial to keep learning and keep practising.

3. Platform Safety

The rummy game has grown considerably in the past few years, and the COVID-19 pandemic fueled the growth even more. As the number of players increases, so do the number of platforms. Beginner players are often confused as to which platform to use, and whether it is safe or not. Many rummy tutorials outline the safety of all major platforms, sharing the pros and cons. Through these tutorials, all players, especially beginners, can understand which platforms are safe to play on, and which to avoid.

4. Different Rummy Variants

Many new players do not know that there are many variants to the game of rummy. Therefore, they only learn the rules of one and can encounter a different one when they finally reach a cash table. Through rummy tutorials, new players can familiarise themselves with the top rummy variants. You should know, the most played rummy variants are points rummy, deals rummy and pool rummy, along with many other widely known variants. So, take your time, learn the basics, and then play the ones you like.

5. The Jargons

The jargons or lingo is an essential part of any game, and eluding yourself from the same will only dampen your gaming experience. Jargons are the vocabulary or specific terms used in the game. If you cannot understand what is happening, you might not focus on the game properly. This is where these rummy tutorials come in. Learn about a few keywords before you dive in the rummy experience, and you will be able to communicate with other players easily. Moreover, it will help you understand the game even better.

Rummy Tutorials And Where To Find Them

We hope you learned the importance of rummy tutorials in this article. However, you should know where to look out for such tutorials. You can explore the Academy section of Academy52, and find excellent articles on Rummy, filtered by the skill level. Through these tutorials, you can start learning and start pulling yourself up the skill ladder.

Moreover, many rummy platforms also publish their set of rummy tutorials, which can be helpful. You may even look further and go to dedicated courses and tutorial websites, where you may find many useful tutorials. However, you might have to pay for some of these tutorials, and you can choose if you want a paid or a free subscription. 
Rummy is really easy to learn, hard to practice and harder to master. But only time, regular practice and effective learning can help you master the game of rummy. We hope Academy52 Rummy Academy can help make that journey possible.

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