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PokerStars Sunday Million

The PokerStars Sunday Million has been a flagship event for 15 years! And on March 21 PokerStars will be celebrating the 15th anniversary. As is now customary, the landmark will not be allowed to pass without fanfare. Therefore, there will be another enormous PokerStars Sunday Million Anniversary Event with a guaranteed $12.5 Million in the prize pool. 

The last anniversary event saw the same GTD prize pool and it was the biggest tournament that PokerStars ever hosted! The tournament smashed through the guarantee with a prize pool topping of $18.6 Million and ended up being the biggest winner in all categories – entries, prize pool, and first prize. 

Here’s a raw look back at these life-changing events in PokerStars history. 

PokerStars Sunday Million Events – A History

Luke ‘Bdbestslayer’ Vrabel won the Sunday Million 5th Anniversary with $671,094

PokerStars Sunday Million

Luke ‘Bdbestslayer’ Vrabel had made history in 2011 by winning the Sunday Million 5th Anniversary with $671,094 as a part of a rare nine-way deal at the final table. Even though the event boasted a $5 million guarantee, it was blown out of the water with 59,128 entrants generating a massive $11,825,600 prize pool. 

‘Slyfox151’ won the Sunday Million 6th Anniversary with $480,761

Even though Black Friday temporarily reduced traffic at PokerStars, the guarantee was increased from $5 Million to $6 Million for the Sunday Million 6th Anniversary in 2012. Similar to the year before, another big deal was made at the final table and as there was no Lambo on the line, the deal left $120,000 to be played to the winner. ‘Slyfox151’ was down to just five big blinds to start the final table but eventually won the event for $480,761. 

Andrius ‘benislovas’ Bielskis won the Sunday Million 7th Anniversary with $848,589

PokerStars Sunday Million

The guarantee for the Sunday Million 7th Anniversary in 2013 was increased to $7 Million! The final tally was near $10 million with 49,827 entrants participating in the action to generate a mouth-watering $9,857,400 prize pool. Andrius ‘benislovas’ Bielskis was crowned the champion after a marathon of more than 15 hours of play to collect $848,589 as a part of a three-way-deal, which included $140,000 left to play for the winner. 

‘DrUPSWING’ won the Sunday Million 8th Anniversary with $1,038,540

The guarantee for this event was increased to $8 million by PokerStars in 2014. Even though the prize pool was low, ‘DrUPSWING’ made history by becoming the first seven figure winner of a Sunday Anniversary Event. 

Brayden ‘BRAYDEN93’ Fritzshall won the Sunday Million 9th Anniversary with $597,720

PokerStars increased guarantee once again in 2015 at a $9 Million prize pool. Once again the prize pool passed the eight-figure barrier with $10,086,400. Brayden ‘BRAYDEN93’ Fritzshall was crowned the champion. 

‘a.urli’ won the Sunday Million 10th Anniversary with $970,000

The guarantee for this events was blown up to $10 Million in 2016. ‘a.urli’ from Canada had a narrow escape from becoming the second seven figure winner in the Sunday Million anniversary after he won the event for $970,000. 

‘Xavi666’ won the Sunday Million 11th Anniversary with $1,093,204

For the first time in 2017, the first guarantee remained the same as the year before and there was no deal made at the final table. At the end of the event, it was ‘Xavi666’ from Panama who won the huge $1,093,204 top prize to set the record for winning the biggest prize in a Sunday Million Anniversary Event. 

Luis ‘Hulk9950’ Felipe won the Sunday Million 12th Anniversary with $960,000

The Sunday Million 12th Anniversary in 2018 was one of the most value-added tournaments in the history of online poker! The 43,975 entrants added more than $1.2 Million in overlay which benefited the 7334 players to cash in this event. At the final table, Felipe had the lead when the deal was made and won the event for $960,000. Bruno ‘Botteonpoker’ Botteon was also at the final table but had to settle at the eight place with a prize of $108,596. 

‘Wangli042’ won the Sunday Million 13th Anniversary with $611,944

The guarantee for this tournament was the same at $10 Million in 2019. However, it boasted 61,342 entries and generated a $12,268,400 prize pool. This had set a new record at the time. ‘Wangli041’ from China was the last player standing and won the event with a huge prize of $611,944. 

Alex ‘AAAArthur’ Brito won the Sunday Million 14th Anniversary with $1,192,802

PokerStars Sunday Million

The biggest Sunday Million Anniversary happened last year in 2020. Not only did it guarantee a whopping $12.5 million but also set huge records for the event with a mind-blowing 93.016 entrants and generated an $18,603,200 prize pool. 

Looking ahead at the 15th Sunday Million Anniversary Event

Time will only tell whether this year’s event can be the best of the turnouts. Do not miss this event with a huge $12.5 million guarantee!

Head over to PokerStars to know more about the event!

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